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The world's best coffee

We bring one of the world's rarest and most sought-after coffees, Jamaica Blue Mountain, to the market in our luxury gift sets. The perfect present for the coffee lover and foodie!

Jamaica Blue Mountains

Jamaica Blue Mountains

Jamaica Blue Mountain beans have long been considered one of the best tasting coffee beans available. Only grown in a small region at an altitude of up to 5000ft, the unique, cool, blue mist helps to slow the ripening process down and develop the beans' smooth taste and depth of flavour.

Midnight Blue Coffee Roasting

The art of roasting

Only working with 5kg batches at a time, our Master Roaster meticulously controls the heat and time of each roast. It is this process that makes Midnight Blue so unique; producing a subtle difference in flavour with each limited edition.

Between three saints

With strictly controlled production and an obsessive focus on quality, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is among the very best in the world 

An exclusive limited edition roast

Here at Midnight Blue, we are dedicated to bringing you the ultimate coffee experience, inside and out. Each limited edition roast comes with a beautifully crafted gift box containing a unique number certificate signed by our roaster, a presentation booklet providing information on the roasting process, and the option of a personalised message.

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What do the experts say..?

The Master Roaster - Heather

It's my privilege to roast speciality grade coffee everyday but roasting Jamaica Blue Mountain is always an extra special event. Un-roasted it has a lovely blue / green colour and exceptional consistency in size and shape of the beans. First crack comes at a low temperature so we extended the roast development phase to introduce caramel flavours and accentuate the silky-smooth mouth-feel for which this bean is famous.

Author, blogger and wine expert - Helen McGinn

The worlds of coffee and wine are not that far apart. It starts with the quality of the raw material - be it coffee bean or grape - but it’s also about bringing out the best flavour possible. And now I’ve tasted a really carefully crafted cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain, I’m not sure I’ll be able to drink a normal cup of coffee in quite the same way again. Absolutely delicious with a gorgeous balance of bittersweet flavours, it really is a coffee revelation. www.knackeredmotherswineclub.com

The Q Grader Coffee Expert - Kristine

The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has a cup profile that will appeal to any palate. The fragrance of the dry grounds is woody and toasty with tobacco, dark chocolate and cherry notes, whilst the aroma in the cup offers up almond, wine-gums, citrus and black tea. Jasmine blossom and candied citrus flavour is followed by a sweet chocolate and hazelnut aftertaste. Overall you should find this coffee well balanced and lively, with medium acidity, good body and a smooth mouthfeel. [Kristine Breminer Isgren is highly qualified as a Q Arabica Grader & Q Robusta Grader]

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