Our Top-5 Home Coffee Grinders

So here’s the truth - your coffee grinder is more important than your coffee. Perhaps an unusual statement from a company that sells coffee, not grinders; but it’s simply not possible to create a great coffee without a consistent grind. To get the best from our coffee you should grind it just prior to brewing to a consistency that is correct for your method of extraction. Small tweaks and adjustments as you go will make a big difference to your enjoyment of our coffee. We do supply pre-ground coffee to ‘set’ standards to ensure our coffee is accessible but if you’re serious about enjoying the very best coffee then perhaps consider the below options and don’t consider a blade grinder or spend less than £100! We’ve focused on burr grinders suitable for pour-over rather than espresso as this is how Midnight Blue Coffee is best enjoyed, keep reading for our opinions on the best home coffee grinder:

The legend - Mahlkoenig EK43 £2,400*

Mahlkoehnig produce the world’s best grinders from Germany and their EK43 is the Rolls Royce. It was made particularly famous by Matt Perger’s routine in the 2013 World Barista Championship, where the EK43 took centre stage for espressos. But it’s generally considered the best grinder in the world for pour-over coffee due to its amazing 98mm burrs. Despite its extraordinary credentials it’s better suited for commercial use as it’s huge with the short version standing at just shy of 70cm. Money no object, it’s where mine would be spent as grinders don’t get any better…or sexier.

The practical choice - Eureka Mignon Brew Pro £380*

Italian company Eureka’s releatively new Brew Master Pro is one of the few brew grinders with an electronic timed function. This means you don’t need to weigh your coffee each time - just click start and it will grind through its 55mm burrs for a pre-set time (in tenths of a second) that you can calibrate to your preferred weight of coffee. On a day-to-day basis this makes it super easy to use. Plus it’s available in a few colours to suit your kitchen. We use this grinder everyday.

One for out and about - Aergrind £118*

Hand grinding is more effort but essential from time-to-time. We were seeking a hand grinder that looked good and performed well. Sadly most on the market feel like the ‘poor man’s cousin’ compared with their electric powered counterparts. We discovered the Made By Knock range that are hand-made from high quality materials in Edinburgh. We regularly use their Feldgrind 2 when sailing but the 34mm burrs are the same as in the Aergrind. We recommend the Aergrind here as it was designed to fit inside the Aeropress so perfect for taking great coffee out of your home with a robust way to brew a great coffee.

The branded option - Hario V60 Electric Grinder £179*

Hario is probably the world’s best known Japanese brand for pour-over coffee tools. They recently launched their V60 electric grinder, which is the perfect size for a kitchen. It’s super easy to use but it is noisy and a bit agricultural - don’t expect to chat whilst your grinding! Grind is good and as a starter grinder it will probably fit the bill when combined with a set of Hario electronic brew scales (£65)

One for a budget - Wilfa Svart - £100*

This is a really great starter home grinder and we’ve used it loads. It’s robust and well made but no beauty. It’s more fiddly than the grinders above as it grinds into a box, which slides out with a little flimsy lid. The ground coffee then needs to be poured into your brewing tool, which can be messy. Grind settings are named and pretty accurate and it has a timer function that means you don’t need scales once you’ve calibrated to your preferred coffee.


If you’re planning to grind at home you’ll certainly need some electronic scales to either weigh each dose of coffee or to calibrate your timing function depending on the grinder you buy. We would recommend the Hario brewing scales as they having a timing function as well as weighing. We use the Stainless Steel version at £80 but the cheaper option is around £65

 *Prices correct on the internet at the time of writing this article

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