Our top 5: The best methods of brewing coffee at home.

Every month we rate essential items to make the perfect cup of coffee.

This month we are focusing on the best methods to brew coffee at home.

Gone are the days when a jar of freeze dried coffee would be deemed an acceptable option for a 'good' cup of coffee. Now, it is not uncommon for a lot of homes to be in possession of either a cafetière, espresso machine or pod machine. So in keeping with our theme of the world's best we thought we would share our favourite and best methods of consistently creating a perfect cup of coffee at home. 

It’s worth pointing out that to really get the best of your coffee, a grinder is an essential piece of kit, probably the most important, so we have trawled the market and chosen our favourites, click here to discover more. You also want to make sure that when preparing your coffee, you do not use freshly boiled water as you could scorch the grounds, ideally you want to aim for between 89 - 95 degrees. This extra effort is definitely worth it when it comes to creating a delicious cup of coffee. 
These double walled glass carafes make a truly elegant centrepiece whether it’s for a dining or a boardroom table. With their larger volume, they are perfect for multiple cups and coupled with an elegant titanium filter they will definitely create a show stopping coffee experience. We recommend 36g of water with 600ml of water and a medium grind. Pour 50ml of water over the grinds in a circular, concentric pattern to thoroughly wet the grinds and allow the coffee to bloom. Then repeat the same process with the remaining water, pouring in a slow but steady fashion. 

French Press (cafetière)
Probably the most commonly employed method of brewing coffee at home, and the easiest to master, the cafetière or french press requires a coarse grind and time to let the coffee steep. We would recommend 15g of coffee per 260ml, and would suggest waiting 4 minutes to let the coffee brew before plunging the filter. 

This is a great way to add a bit of theatre to your coffee production, famed for its simplicity and consistently smooth cup the V60 is certainly worth the effort required. You’ll need a medium grind and about 17g of coffee to 280ml of water. Once your water is at the right temperature (97 degrees) pour 50ml in a circular fashion starting from the outside of the filter and working inwards until all the grinds are wet, then wait to allow the coffee to bloom, this releases C02. Finally, slowly pour the rest of the water in the same circular fashion, ensuring the grinds are evenly saturated. 

Aero Press
The Aero Press is fun to use and makes a great cup of coffee, famed for its light weight and hardwearing construction, the aero press might not be the most attractive method, but it’s portable, so  is great to take on holiday, like camping. We recommend 15g of finely ground coffee and 250ml of water. To start, pour 30ml evenly over the ground coffee, allow the grinds to bloom and then pour the remaining 250ml into the chamber, secure the cap, place your cup on top and flip the aero press, plunge until you hear a hissing sound. 

Loved for its aesthetic beauty and the smoothness of the coffee it produces, it’s no wonder the Chemex is favoured by coffee afficionados as the only way to make a consistently great cup of coffee  at home. Unique to the Chemex are the extra thick filters used to remove the oils from the beans, producing a clarity of cup unseen in other preparation methods.  Like the V60, there’s a wonderful theatre in its production and a truly interactive experience in making the coffee. We would recommend a medium grind, and 30g of coffee to 510ml of water. Pour 45ml of water evenly over the coffee and then wait to allow the coffee to bloom. Slowly pour the rest of the water in circular patterns ensuring the grinds are evenly soaked. 

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