Midnight Blue Coffee


Why is your coffee worth more than others?

It is a rare coffee. There is a very strict geographical area and altitude at which Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee can be grown - much like the French wine appellations. Production is therefore extremely limited. Moreover around 80% of the total production is exported to connoisseurs in Japan.  

It is more labour intensive to harvest Jamaica Blue Mountain than other coffee: the Blue Mountain plantations are found across treacherous 60 degree slopes, on which the farmers must visit each individual coffee shrub many times during the season to only pick the bright red ripe cherries. This is very different to the more common strip picking methods, where ripe and unripe (green) cherries are taken on a single picker pass

An obsession with quality: Teams of inspectors carefully check each bean on tables under lamplight to ensure it is the perfect size and colour and free from any defects. Around 30% of the harvest is removed at this stage. These beans are then certified as Jamaica Blue Mountain by the Coffee Industry Board Jamaica, packed in their distinctive, beautiful wooden barrels with a certificate ready for export

Revered for taste: Jamaica Blue Mountain beans have long been considered one of the best tasting coffee beans available, which pushes up demand and therefore prices

Artisanal approach: Midnight Blue hand-roasts in small batches, which results in a better-tasting coffee - bringing out all of the character of the Jamaica Blue Mountain beans

Luxury branding: Midnight Blue Coffee is presenting in extremely high-quality, beautiful packaging, befitting of this special bean and our careful roasting

Highly personalised: The ‘Halcyon’ limited edition batch includes a personalised message, printed to the back of a postcard a story book and a hand-signed individual roasting certificate

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