Why is your coffee more expensive than others?

It is a very rare coffee. There is a very strict geographical area and altitude at which Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee can be grown - much like the French wine appellations. Production is therefore extremely limited. Moreover around 80% of the total production is exported to connoisseurs in Japan.
It is more labour intensive to harvest Jamaica Blue Mountain than other coffee: the Blue Mountain plantations are found across treacherous 60 degree slopes, on which the farmers must visit each individual coffee shrub many times during the season to only pick the bright red ripe cherries. This is very different to the more common strip picking methods, where ripe and unripe (green) cherries are taken on a single picker pass
An obsession with quality: Teams of inspectors carefully check each bean on tables under lamplight to ensure it is the perfect size and colour and free from any defects. Around 30% of the harvest is removed at this stage. These beans are then certified as Jamaica Blue Mountain, packed in their distinctive, beautiful wooden barrels with a certificate ready for export
Revered for their taste: Jamaica Blue Mountain beans have long been considered one of the best tasting coffee beans available, which pushes up demand and therefore prices
Artisanal approach: We hand-roast in small batches, which results in a better-tasting coffee - bringing out all of the character of the Jamaica Blue Mountain beans
Luxury branding: Midnight Blue Coffee is presenting in extremely high-quality, beautiful packaging, befitting of this special bean and our careful roasting
Highly personalised: Our limited edition batches include a personalised message, printed to the back of a postcard a story book and a hand-signed individual roasting certificate.

Why can’t I order your coffee on next day delivery?

We don’t keep any product stock as coffee starts to stale as soon as it is roasted. We are taking pre-orders then we will roast and dispatch all orders just before Father’s Day so your coffee arrives a fresh as possible.

What happens if my coffee doesn’t turn up on time?

Provided we receive your order by the specified deadline your order will be roasted, packed and collected by our couriers in plenty of time for Christmas. We will be using a tracked service from Royal Mail who will make contact with you to co-ordinate delivery. You may need to make specific arrangements with Royal Mail if you aren’t going to be in as you would with any other item being delivered by courier.

Can I order the coffee and send it to another recipient as a gift?

Provided we receive your order by the specified deadline your order will be roasted, packed and collected by our couriers in plenty of time for Christmas. We will be using a tracked service from Royal Mail who will make contact with you to co-ordinate delivery. You may need to make specific arrangements with Royal Mail if you aren’t going to be in as you would with any other item being delivered by courier.

How do I know which grind is best to order?

The quality and consistency of your grind is absolutely critical to a great cup of coffee. In fact you may struggle to make a coffee if the grind is incorrect. We would always recommend you buy whole bean and grind at home only what you need. In this way you will always have the freshest cup. However many people don’t have their own grinder so we do supply pre-ground to three consistencies using our high quality Ditting grinder. Each different grind suits different method of preparation. A course grind is essential for a cafetière. Medium grind is perfect for a pour-over or filter brew. Fine grind is great for Espresso or Aeropress. If you would like any advice or further information on grind or extraction then please do send us an email and we’ll do our best to help.

What if we don’t like the coffee?

We think that Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the best-tasting coffees in the world. It’s got mild manners, a soft and smooth mouthfeel and a distinct lack of bitterness - it’s therefore very unlikely to offend. However taste is a subjective sense and some people may have a very unusual requirements of their coffee (the French love it blended with Chicory!). Unfortunately as this is a limited edition and perishable food-stuff, we are unable to accept returns on the basis of individual taste preferences. That said, if you don’t like this particular coffee then do let us know as we have plans to launch different products under the Midnight Blue brand in the future with very different taste profiles. One of these alternatives might be better suited to your preferences and we can get in touch as soon as they are available.

Why is this Jamaica Blue Mountain called Midnight Blue Coffee?

Our small team has developed and Trademarked a UK based brand called Midnight Blue Coffee that believes Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the finest in the world. We have lots of exciting plans to extend our range of products built around the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee bean. Everything we do will reflect the region’s exceptional focus on quality. We only buy and sell authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee that has all the necessary certification. Midnight Blue Coffee is not in any way affiliated with The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica or any of their global subsidiaries. We acknowledge that Jamaica Blue Mountain is a globally recognised trademark and it is Midnight Blue Coffee's simple ambition to take this wonderful coffee to a wider UK audience.

Who owns Midnight Blue Coffee?

Midnight Blue Coffee is a trading name of amamus ltd, a UK company whose core business is the supply of hand-roasted Specialty coffee to businesses. Tim & Binny Wookey are the founders of amamus LTD and the Midnight Blue Coffee brand, ably supported by a small but amazing team.

Is Midnight Blue Coffee farmed sustainably?

Yes it is. The coffee farmers in Jamaica are provided with a great deal of support from the Coffee Industry Board Jamaica in learning about sustainable farming practises. This ensures the precious land will be protected for future generations of coffee growers. The farmers in Jamaica are generally compensated better than in other coffee growing regions, because of the high value of their coffee. Very few chemicals or poor farming practises are found in the Jamaica Blue Mountains, which creates an environment in which flora and fauna can flourish. The Clifton Mount Estate coffee even has the Rainforest Alliance certification stamped on their barrels.

Does Midnight Blue Coffee contain any allergens?

Not as far as we know. As with all coffee it does contain naturally occurring caffeine. Because the coffee travels via many different locations before being delivered to the end customer, we can’t be sure it hasn’t come into contact with nuts or other potential allergens.

Is Midnight Blue Coffee free from plastics?

No unfortunately our primary product packaging does contain plastics. amamus ltd. (Midnight Blue Coffee’s parent company) does supply all freshly roasted coffee to clients in plastic free packaging but we have found that it doesn’t keep the coffee as fresh or tasty as that packed in foil-based packs. Midnight Blue Coffee’s purpose is to provide the world’s very best tasting coffee; whilst we would love to avoid plastics at this stage we can’t compromise on taste. If you have any suggestions, products or ideas that can help us avoid plastics without compromising taste then we’d love to hear from you and in the meantime we will continue to research and trial new ideas so we can rid ourselves of horrible plastic

What coffee can I buy from you after Christmas?

Our coffee and taste teams are working really hard on a new range of super exciting products. These won’t be ready straight after Christmas so if you would like to be the first to hear about our new products then do sign-up to our newsletter.

Can I buy your Midnight Blue Coffee in shops?

We are doing a limited edition roast for Christmas but beyond that we will be doing more limited edition roasts and speciality blends – the key for us is quality and freshness so our products will only be available on line or specially selected restaurants.