Midnight Blue Coffee Founder Story

Tim Wookey

Our singular quest is to help coffee lovers create, quite simply, the most beautiful, aromatic and satisfying cup of coffee possible. A perfect coffee creates a lift in the day; an event that makes each occasion more significant.
I liked coffee, but I loved wine. I loved the contribution that the terrain, climate and human skill made to a liquid that is so widely appreciated.
I was given 200g of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee in which I discovered an experience just as exciting as fine wine. 
The extraordinary story of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee started in 1728 when the governor of Martinique gifted the governor of Jamaica a single coffee plant.
This has developed today into a tiny corner of the world growing small parcels of exceptional coffee beans.  The high-altitude volcanic soil provides a rich source of nourishment; whilst the persistent blue mountain mist slows the ripening process, which allows the taste and aroma to further develop.
I was then drawn into the most wonderful exploration through the world’s tropical regions in search of the very best coffee. I found that each cup was distinct, reflecting its own geography and culture. But I kept returning to Jamaica’s Blue Mountains for its silky-smooth feel in the mouth, it’s sweet aroma, balanced milk chocolate taste notes and length of flavour.
But in search of the very best, I wanted assurance that my roasted beans weren’t stale, that they were authentic and they hadn’t been blended with other lesser varietals in order to give our customers the best coffee bean gift available.
Midnight Blue only roasts genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain beans, supplied in beautiful original and authenticated wooden barrels that are collected in person from our importer. Our Master Roaster, Heather, works with tiny 5KG batches, carefully controlling the flame – watching temperature rise, looking for changes in bean colour and listening for the ‘crack’.  This close focus and commitment to the detail is what makes a difference in our cup.
I hope you love this coffee as much as I do and I always appreciate coffee lovers’ feedback so please do feel free to get in touch.